Dancing under the full Moon, being caught up in the wind.


This year, 2018, hasn’t been a good year for myself, family members, or dear friends. Poor health, death of a family/friend and natural disasters have brought pain, sadness and woe to many.

Yet the second Full Moon of January 2018 brought me an illumination. I was outside with other Priestess, looking at this Blue Moon. It pulsed, grew and the effects of it made us dizzy with delight. From it, rings grew from it. This Moon was alive with its own power. Surrounding the Moon itself was a orange ring of fire. We praised the beauty that was revealed to us & all who were looking it this brilliance.

I continue to gaze upon this light, so white that it was the only thing I saw. That light from the Blue Full Moon knocked me down & across my front yard. I was blinded by its piercing white light. I screamed. The other Priestess told me to be quiet, that I would wake up the neighborhood. But I was stunned by the power of a Moon, very much alive!

My health is poor & this body is filled with pain, but I felt that my soul could overcome my frailty. Certainly with a sign so powerful, I was so fortunate to witness & feel the Moon Goddess’ presence.

February had no full Moon. But March would have two. Again, a unbelievable event to witness. We two Priestess celebrated March’s first Full Moon & used it to “wake-up the God Dionysus.” We are his ” maenads” in this modern age. As we began our ritual, we offered a sensual dance to him. Using a sistrum &  a rattle, we offered him ourselves.

This March Full Moon Dionysus was awakened. He gave us an oracle. Also, the wind outside blew down a sign that knocked on my front door. We didn’t go outside to look at the Moon, for the weatherman said there would be no chance for a clear sky. After that knock, I opened the door. Looking out on my cul-de-sac, it was lit up by the Full Moon like a spotlight!

We grabbed a jacket & ran outside. The wind! My element is air. We went under the full Moon’s rays & danced in the wind like children again. Our jackets were like wings. We could have flown away! Under that Full Moon, orange fire again surrounded her. The few stars & planets that were out twinkled back at us. Turning gold, silver and even a red star, we were in the presence of the Mother Goddess Herself, with all her elements.

There was no cars that went by, or dogs barking, or people stirring. Just us, dancing with the wind, under the Moon Goddess’ rays. After some time, we returned inside our house. So much excitement & energy was inside of us. We couldn’t stop smiling from that experience. How does one come down from that encounter of Nature, so powerful, so raw?

Coming back into a mortal body, after a soul has been set free, by the Mother Goddess herself, is painful. Slowly, the heaviness of our frame we feel. Pain comes back, encircling the body with the sharpness of a knife. How did we dance like children with the wind, soaring with its gusts? Seeing the Moon’s rays light up the cul-de-sac with its brilliance? We were blessed to be free of our mortal shell.

Getting back to this year, it has been bad for many reasons for myself & many of you who will read this blog. “Walking the mystic’s path” has been hard for me. The body can hold the soul captive only for so long. The soul will find a way to break free. Or the Divine will break down the body’s defenses, and enter in any way it can. Divine love will find the one who loves them. Love, even divine love needs love in return. Our love is desired because we are created by love for love.

Reverend Donna M. Swindells


Having the courage to change…….


embraced by the sunWhat is the one thing that you hold the dearest in this life? For most of us, it is what we believe. It is who we are. Our soul and what it believes, deep within itself, is the treasure we carry.

People of all beliefs and religious path have suffered the greatest for it. They have lost their jobs, parents, children and their own life for what they treasure. No one can own what we possess. Or take it away from us. Deep within us, this treasure lies safe. Only the Gods/Goddesses can dwell there. That sacred place is reserved for the Divine.

We prepare our soul for that guest. But what happens when the foundation of your soul falls away? Never did I think my spiritual path was not for me. I was willing to die for the beliefs I held so dear to my very being. But late in my life, I was awakened by those Deities thought to be just myths. Fairy tales & stories told to explain how things came to be. These Gods & Goddesses I read about when I was very young.  Yes, I loved those myths & the Deities. But they weren’t real. That is what everyone said.

Oh, those Pagans, they had to make up their Deities. Their mythology are things of the past. Look at their Temples. All the glory of Ancient Egypt, Greece & Rome are gone. The Celtic & Norse Deities were created to explain how the world came to be. No one follows that path any more.

During my years of raising my children I believed these statements. Why wouldn’t I? My own family , teachers and community told me so. So did history books, professors, and religious leaders. So I raised my children in the religion I cherished, Roman catholic. Until a death in my family caused me to pause.

What happens when the one thing you cherished the most, you now questioned? I sought out knowledge from those who would share that precious gift with me. My walled city (my soul) slowly had cracks within its walls. I found out that the people I trusted most didn’t tell me the rest of the story. I was surprised & amazed that people today believed in those Deities that were the old Gods & Goddesses of the past.

Now comes the part that takes courage for any soul. What if I was wrong in my spiritual path? The truth came to me in ways that were “divine.” I followed the path that is blind faith. I had to let the walls fall. The breath of the Divine swept through my soul. I could not doubt what I felt or experienced. What now? How do I tell my family that I have changed my belief? What I believed & lived for so many years?

I write this for souls who may be where I was then. Yes, it takes courage to change the very depths of your soul. It is a pain that takes years to heal in some people like me. I felt betrayed, lied to, and angry. People who have so much more education & spiritual knowledge didn’t tell me the truth. But it was my faith that crumbled. I had to take the path now before me & move on. There were times that were so hard, that it would have been easier to go back to my old religion. It was so comfortable. I was safe there. Wasn’t I?

Courage was given to me because I couldn’t  live without the Deities I had found. No matter what, I would proceed with getting to know these Deities that I loved when I was young. My old belief told me I would go to hell for turning my back on it. But the love and presence of the Gods & Goddesses pushed that fear away. How could I not follow the spiritual path that opened up its arms to embrace me? That fear of hell didn’t go quietly. But courage given moved me on.

So 11 years later, I serve the Gods & Goddesses I found late in my life. I pass on the sacred knowledge & wisdom I learned in schools & from gifted mentors. Please don’t stay on any faith if you don’t feel you belong there. Search for your spiritual roots. Look at other religions & spiritual paths. What will your family say? It depends on if that will stop you from your path.

I was shocked that my husband accepted my change of belief. I told him it wouldn’t affect him. He was free to believe what he did. Some of my children were not happy with this. My sisters thought I had lost my mind or reason. Dear friends left me. I understood how they felt. But a soul is the one thing that belongs to you alone. It has to be what you truly feel & believe in the depths of its being. You will not be happy with just getting by or any compromise of the spiritual path that is right for you.

To anyone out there struggling with their faith, have courage. It will be given to you. For what is at stake is your very soul. That is the greatest treasure you possess. Whatever path you take, you have to follow it. Step out & find what you are longing for.

Blessings for all those who are seeking. Reverend Donna M. Swindells, FOI


Divine love’s true face

O beloved one, when will I at last see your true face? I have many images you throughout my life. In times of prayer, I have seen you with several different faces. Each of them speak of your immense and never-ending love for me. At each meeting, you come & burst through any defense I had up around me or my surroundings.

Your embrace transports a soul to that unending supply of love that awaits us all. In the briefest moment, one can be captured by your sweetest delight. A soul can feel the ages of all time itself that you have saved for a soul who will return to you love for love’s sake.

A  mortal is speechless, unable to say a word, so overcome by your coming to us. How can it be that you, who encompass all love for all time that has been & will be, choose to descend on the work of your hands!

Stunned in all my senses, I can only lay motionless in your presence. Listen to my heartbeat, it is a rhythm that only you can hear. Feel my soul expand, trying to fill all the places in your infinite being. If I had all the love of all the people in this world, it could never give you what you pour out upon a soul like mine.

So I give you my breath, the fire in my veins, and my heart which has burst open in respond to your arrival. And as you leave me, all my faculties fail to explain what you gave me, as you invaded my very depths.

I fear you not because I can not see your true face. For I can only love the images which I see you through.

Donna M. Swindells




Embraced by the Divine through the wind





In a dark night, your soul is a barren desert. Devoid of life, like a dried-up garden. There, what can you do but wait for your beloved? It is time to remember the times when you were caught-up into the arms of the Divine. How can one survive the absence of the loving presence of  your divine guest?  Look back on the times where you were united to that flame of love. Even the experiences of your youth can console your soul, while being in the desert.

As a child and then as a young girl, I found my love in the element of air. The Wind! It was the hand that caressed my face. I was moved by the breezes as the trees responded with their song. Most of all, I loved the period before a storm. I could smell its approach. In my backyard, I would climb the swing set my father had built for us. It stood like pillars, calling me to the highest bar. I would smell the air, filled with electricity. I had long hair, which I let fly in the sudden gusts.

My Mother would watch me as I truly felt alive at these times. But I would be called inside to safety, for my own good. I also chased dust devils that carried loose items as it moved. Jumping inside them, how I wanted to be taken up! When they would die out, I was covered with dirt,  gravel and trash. But it was worth it. I would hear the words of my Mother, telling me not to do this again. This was one thing I couldn’t promise. But for her, I said I would try.

The caress of the wind was the divine touch to me. I made contact with the one I was seeking. Whether a breeze, gusts or storms, I wanted to experience it. This has carried over into my adult life, as it continues now. But it feels deeper as I am older. The wind still is the divine touch for me. Its depths are different. I treasure it even more. My favorite time is between 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. Being under the canopy of the Night sky, the wind moves my soul. I still stand out before a storm & become part of the electricity that builds up. But during the Night’s silence, the wind speaks without any words.

Being a Libra, I found out my element is the Air. It makes sense to me now. My daughter is a Aries, and I see the fire in her life in so many ways. What element are you? Do you have a connection to the Divine through it? So I am still alone, awaiting my beloved’s return. But I can let the wind remind me that I can still feel that presence. So let it sweep away all that is no longer needed. The dirt, gravel & trash can be cleared away. The soul will clean house.

Never despair that the Divine will never return. My patron Saint. Teresa of Avila had 20 years of dryness before hearing the words of the spouse of her soul. Mother (Saint) Teresa of Calcutta dwelled in spiritual darkness for decades, but carried on. Why? Because all of us who walk the mystic’s path live & breathe for Divine love. No matter the name of the Deity/Deities, this is our goal. Our soul yearns for that fire that will consume us. May we not give up, give in or doubt. We will feel the Divine’s caress again.


Reverend Donna M. Swindells, Fellowship of Isis




A mystic’s dark night.


It is so easy to write when your soul is free to fly. Soaring to the beloved waiting arms.  I feel so sad enough to die. But I say nothing to cause any trouble or alarm. The high of divine love is gone. In its place is the stark empty pit. My soul no longer can sing my lover’s song. Alone in the blackness I sit. Where are you, breath of my soul? I move about without any light. My mortal flesh has turned cold. My soul no longer has the mystic’s sight.

Yes this is the true dark night for me. Abandoned by my Divinity. What is it to be? Let this not be my eternity. Come again, fire from the heights! Take pity, have mercy, give me release. Touch me once more, to my great delight. Let all torment now cease. Restore my soul, your once dwelling place. Cast out the darkness with your might & glory. May I again be able to touch your tender face. For loving you alone is my life’s story.

Reverend Donna M. Swindells, Fellowship of Isis


We all are in the season of Advent


This is the season of Advent. Advent means looking with expectant coming, an arrival, to come. In religion, we of all faiths & beliefs look for a future with hope. Waiting in the darkest of night for light to come. Looking for the Divine to appear & come into our lives.

In Ancient Egyptian times, the Winter Solstice was celebrated in several ways. The Goddess Neith was celebrated with a “festival of lights.” She being the cosmic abyss from where all light came into being. At the Goddess Hathor temple’s 7 sacred cows were walked around them, to honor her father the Sun God Ra. This was to ask for the continue blessings for the people of Egypt and their land. The birth of the God Horus, the son of Isis & Osiris, was celebrated as the “light of the world.”

Winter Solstice is the time of hope, despite the darkest night. For we know that the light will return, even in the coldest time of the year. The Divine Kings do battle against each other. They are brothers, but each rule half of the year. The time of the Holly King comes to an end, as his brother, the Oak King slays him. But he will live again, as they will battle at the summer solstice. The yule log burns, and as it burns is a time of celebration. It represents the return of the Sun. It was believed that the Sun was a rolling wheel that came returned after the longest night, the winter Solstice.

Life renews itself, with Divine births. The God Dionysus is born, the son of the Mighty Thunder God Zeus & his Mother Semele. The Sun God Mithras is born. Divinity breaks into our earthly realm, even in darkness. Saturnalia begins December 17. A time of feasting, and giving of gifts. This festival honors the Roman God Saturn, the God of sowing & time.

In advent, we have the feast day of Saint Nickolas. He is the real “Santa Claus.” whose feast day is December 6. St. Lucy comes wearing of crown of candles December 13. The festival of lights, Hanukkah comes this year December 24. This celebrates the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem.

Who and what are you waiting for? For a young jewish woman, she was surprised by the appearance & message of an angel. From that moment on, Her life would be forever changed, as well as the world itself. Her name is Mary, and forever will her name be blessed. From her “yes” to the Divine, a divine child is born. Christmas, which means “Christ’s mass” is one of the major celebrations so many look forward to, with hope.

It is not too late to prepare & plan for the festivals & the sacred time that is coming. Above all, silence is the best means to get in touch with the Divine. Set aside a regular time of the day/night that is for being alone with the Divine which gives your soul the very air to breathe. For the soul needs to be fed by the fire which gives it life & the love we pour out for others.

This is the second week of Advent. Prepare the way for the Divine in your life. Reverend Donna M. Swindells, fellowship of Isis