Embraced by the Divine through the wind





In a dark night, your soul is a barren desert. Devoid of life, like a dried-up garden. There, what can you do but wait for your beloved? It is time to remember the times when you were caught-up into the arms of the Divine. How can one survive the absence of the loving presence of  your divine guest?  Look back on the times where you were united to that flame of love. Even the experiences of your youth can console your soul, while being in the desert.

As a child and then as a young girl, I found my love in the element of air. The Wind! It was the hand that caressed my face. I was moved by the breezes as the trees responded with their song. Most of all, I loved the period before a storm. I could smell its approach. In my backyard, I would climb the swing set my father had built for us. It stood like pillars, calling me to the highest bar. I would smell the air, filled with electricity. I had long hair, which I let fly in the sudden gusts.

My Mother would watch me as I truly felt alive at these times. But I would be called inside to safety, for my own good. I also chased dust devils that carried loose items as it moved. Jumping inside them, how I wanted to be taken up! When they would die out, I was covered with dirt,  gravel and trash. But it was worth it. I would hear the words of my Mother, telling me not to do this again. This was one thing I couldn’t promise. But for her, I said I would try.

The caress of the wind was the divine touch to me. I made contact with the one I was seeking. Whether a breeze, gusts or storms, I wanted to experience it. This has carried over into my adult life, as it continues now. But it feels deeper as I am older. The wind still is the divine touch for me. Its depths are different. I treasure it even more. My favorite time is between 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. Being under the canopy of the Night sky, the wind moves my soul. I still stand out before a storm & become part of the electricity that builds up. But during the Night’s silence, the wind speaks without any words.

Being a Libra, I found out my element is the Air. It makes sense to me now. My daughter is a Aries, and I see the fire in her life in so many ways. What element are you? Do you have a connection to the Divine through it? So I am still alone, awaiting my beloved’s return. But I can let the wind remind me that I can still feel that presence. So let it sweep away all that is no longer needed. The dirt, gravel & trash can be cleared away. The soul will clean house.

Never despair that the Divine will never return. My patron Saint. Teresa of Avila had 20 years of dryness before hearing the words of the spouse of her soul. Mother (Saint) Teresa of Calcutta dwelled in spiritual darkness for decades, but carried on. Why? Because all of us who walk the mystic’s path live & breathe for Divine love. No matter the name of the Deity/Deities, this is our goal. Our soul yearns for that fire that will consume us. May we not give up, give in or doubt. We will feel the Divine’s caress again.


Reverend Donna M. Swindells, Fellowship of Isis




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